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Over The last year we’ve been harassed and slandered along on plainsite.org by Aaron Greenspan and Neil S Greenspan .

Aaron Greenspan went on to excessively harass me and everyone i know.

Aaron Greenspan feels that i should donate to Think Computer Foundation to remove my case. Greenpan is in fact a habitual slanderous and highly aggressive liar who thinks nothing about engaging in cyber stalking, telephone and email harassment against others over a prolonged period of time.
Aarongreenspan has this little con gamehe likes to play such as committing unlawful acts against someone then accusing them of doing that same thing to him on the Internet and in the courts to play on everyone’s sympathy. You can see some instances of this going . several people sued them for either damages resulting from his liable behavior in a business to something to do with defaulting on loans.

Yes, Aaron Greenspan is a liar, thief, blackmailer, extortionist, cyber stalker, stalker, con artist and scam artist who makes a game out of ripping off online businesses, whom further slanders them all with totally fictitious charges to exact his revenge or to simply satisfy his nasty disposition in his own miserable little existence.

You can further read about Aaron J Greenspan and Neil Greenspan unethical, or unlawful activities by simply clicking the link at the very bottom of this report under his information, this link will further take you to two or three legal sites and other public forums that go on in explaining the drug abuse, perjury and stealing of $900, 000.00 out of his of Think Computer Foundation.

Greenspan has stated that hes a victim of phone and email harassment, the victim of computer hacking, victim of credit card fraud, victim of being ripped off by sites and other on-line businesses etc, however we’ve discovered that Greenspan is anything but a victim in any of this; moreover that Aaron Greenspan was in fact, subjecting others to these same illegal activities that he typically spent most of her time accusing others of doing to her as you look over the criminal reports.

You will see where several orders of protection were requested by various others in a effort to guard themselves against aron Greenspan relentless harassing activities regarding their persons, personal names and businesses. Notice the restraining orders below, resided over by several Judges ruling against AARON GREENSPAN and for the plaintiff in a number of instances by issuing eleven or twelve temporary orders of protection. Please notice that Aaron Greenspan to change his legal council often as he has hired and fired four different attorneys over the last five or six months. You may .see one instance of this in the report below. Again, please see how Aaron Greenspan throws up his bankruptcy as a ploy to keep from being sued in a motor vehicle case someone filed against her.

AARON GREENSPAN always seems to be in the court system either being sued or attempting to sue another person for some reason as you can catch a glimpse of in some of the civil information below under Supreme Court – motion detail. Immediately below, I’d like you to read the description of aggravated harassment, and harassment and know that this is what he has been arrested and charged with, further this is something he has denied over and over again along with our other numerous charges against her. Notice the charges for harassment are second degree aggravated harassment, by the way.

Notice the criminal counts she has against him for civil contempt, and aggravated harassment and then read his complaining statements disputing these charges on the forum sites. Notice how aaron attempts to twist and lie his way out of these factual events and how others are allegedly carrying this out against him. You see, we’ve spent the last three and a half years listening to the nonsense of this idiot regarding all his charges, or allegations against us. Ungrounded charges such as allegedly hacking into her bank account, stealing her identity, credit card fraud, slander etc., etc., etc., and thus were tired of it.

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