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Andre (AJ), who now resides in Grass Valley, California, is actually the one who lied and cheated me out of my money when he ended up not paying me back like he said he would. He’s the kind of person that shouldn’t be trusted with money when I realized that I was just being used for money to buy him whatever he wants and whenever he wants it. That’s not what true friendship is about. Also, ladies should be careful and steer clear of him because of his impulsive sexual urges when single. One time, he pressed me into being used to release his sexual tension when he didn’t have sex for a while after the breakup with an ex-girlfriend. He told me that it’s doing him a favor as a friend to let him sniff my privates so he could jack off to relieve himself. At one point, he stated that we would’ve been fucking if I don’t care about my virginity.

Actually, Andre is the real man whore for going around sending dick pics and pictures of himself in women’s underwear to others women over the internet looking for some when he can’t seem to get any from his current girlfriend.
Also, he has slandered/defamed me all over the internet by giving out my personal contact information on the following sites besides this one:

Renne Hom San Jose CA USA.

Renne Hom, San Jose, California


What he’s doing by giving out my personal contact information is threatening my safety, which exposes me to potential danger by unknowingly making me the target of sexual predators and risk me getting kidnapped and raped.

E-mails: [email protected]; [email protected]


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Answer #1

To explain this dilemma that’d been circulating:

The ex-guy-friend/cyberbully, Andre (AJ), is actually the misconstrued one to twist the truth and manipulate it to his advantage just to appear as the innocent one. Much of what he shared with his current girlfriend and some others are lies/exaggerations. He fabricated the story by falsely painting me as a pathetic, desperate, immature girl who undyingly vied for his affections and bought him gifts in order to buy his love. That was the false (made-up) premise he provided to try to explain the continuous online slander of him for being rejected. I’d only made online expository posts with details and screenshot proof in defense to his slander/defamation of me. Whatever else that popped up randomly are no fault of mine when I’d already been done with sharing all that I needed with the public about him. It’s likely that there’s someone else out there who has something against him that’d done the randomly anonymous posting, especially when he’d gone sending inappropriate selfies/sensitive images of himself to other ladies electronically.

The truth is that I was never in love with him nor thought of anything more of him than a friend in the past. He’s the delusional one to believe that he can get any girl to fall for him. It got annoying when he persisted in hitting on me and asking me to be his girlfriend even after I rejected him. His use of dramatics in playing the victim card is how he swayed his girlfriend and friend(s) to totally believe him (which is expected of his gf being blindly in love with him to the point that she sees no fault/wrong in him). [*Note: He had done this in the past when he had continuously spoke of his Ex#4 when he couldn’t let go and move on.] It’s only a gift when intended as such by the giver: holidays, occasional treats (like a meal or a drink) and special occasions like birthdays. He labeled them as “gifts” just as an excuse to relieve himself of taking personal responsibility for his misconduct.

Also, I never actually hacked into his social media account as he’d claimed. That’s just a baseless claim without proof. If he means his pictures, then that’s because he had uploaded them onto social media for public display, which everyone can access. That’s not hacking. If only he at least had half s brain, he’d realize this instead of jumping to conclusions and making baseless claims. It’s just as well that he’s not very bright, so that’s expected of him to be this dumb.

He’d promised me that he’d reimburse me for the product (a cologne that he requested I order online for him) later, and there’s one instance where he pestered me to buy him what he wanted with disregard for me even though I refused at first. Begging is a tactic he’d used in getting whatever he wants like a whiny little boy. That’s unbecoming/unattractive of a man (quoting his Ex#4).

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Answer #3

September 28, 2017:

In the evening, I’d received an unexpected text message from this number (+1 530-292-7284) asking, “Like my big girls butt?” That is followed by a white panty shot with the person apparently trying too hard to be like a girl (as seen from his posture). It looks more like a guy’s butt than a lady’s one. He sure has a horrible taste in panties. I suspect this to be from my ex-guy-friend (AJ) since I don’t know anybody else in Grass Valley, CA. Plus, he has my cellphone number stored under his contacts list. Since he is the type to be stupid and low enough to stoop to this level despite having a girlfriend, that’s expected of him being immature/childish and a sexual deviant with his sick fantasies. He is infamous for his weird sexual fetish of wearing women’s underwear. This is considered sexual harassment when unwelcomed by the recipient…not that I’m fazed by this since it’s hilarious to me. LOL…What a laughable troll.

Knowing him, he likely won’t keep the number for long to avoid detection/getting traced. So, he’s bound to change it easily.

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Answer #4

The most ridiculous thing I’ve heard just recently is about me hacking into Andre’s (AJ) and his girlfriend’s (Lauren) Facebook accounts. That’s their logic about blaming me for everything that goes wrong even when I’m not involved there. They just talk themselves into believing that even though it’s not plausible when I’m not really a pro hacker nor have that skilled capability. Both are so warped that they seriously need lots of help themselves. No need for idiocy from the likes of them.

I’m the past, he had falsely accused his fourth ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend about things without proof. He seems to tend to do this to people whom he’s bitter about and considers enemies. His judgement is not one to trust. Much of what comes from him is dramatic, over-the-top or exaggerated.

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Answer #5

My Response to his Slanderous/Defamatory DatingPsychos and CheaterReports Post about Me:

Andre (AJ), currently residing in Grass Valley, California, is a 23-year-old autistic Caucasian boy who attended San Jose City College after graduating from Willow Glen High School. He’s been a Shotokon karate practitioner since he was fifteen. He has an interest delving into MMA (mixed martial arts). Also, he’s looking into a sports medicine career. His current young girlfriend, Lauren, must have special needs as well. AJ stated that he tends to get attracted to girls with special needs like ADHD and the Bipolar Disorder.

This coming from someone with nothing better to do than to slander/defame me all over the internet… AJ, life goes on even if you keep up with the BS-ing and pettiness of tarnishing me just to boost your ego. The truth is you’re no better yourself either, Boy…nor a saint. There’s no hiding it when it’s all posted out in the open for others to see through to the real you. If you hadn’t slandered/defamed or sexually harassed me on ReportMyEX, BlackListReport, BadBizReport and CheaterDirectory, I wouldn’t have stepped forward to expose the truth with screenshot proof for others to trace back and see for themselves where the problem began. I only mentioned your girlfriend, Lauren, by name (besides providing screenshots of her messages) as the third party who got herself involved in what supposed to be an issue that’s only between you and me. Two months ago, I only e-mailed Lauren to tell her off and to further clarify things on my part when I wasn’t able to respond back after she shortly deleted her newly created Facebook account using her alias, Ember Dew. Something needed to be said/explained for the whole situation to be made known from all sides. If Lauren hadn’t messaged me in the first place on her original Facebook account, there wouldn’t have been tension created with her getting involved and for things to be blown out of proportion like they did. These two children are troublesome.

It’s not up to you to decide whether I should be qualified for the job or work with kids for that matter. The final decision is the employer’s. They do a background check to determine eligibility for the position. A drug test may also be required, which I don’t have to worry about. The same applies for whether you’d have a chance at a career in sports medicine.

AJ must’ve smelled his ex-girlfriend’s panties too when they used to be a couple. Also, he wears it (panty or thong) himself to keep a part of her close to him, which is unusual for a guy. Besides… There’s no shame for a guy to be turned on by his own woman. What guy wouldn’t be?

Actually, AJ said it himself that a woman who hasn’t had intercourse makes her a virgin. Technically, that does qualify one as a virgin when he/she hasn’t had penetrative sex. Sex is enjoyable in the context of relationships when it’s with the right person or beloved. Though, I’m not too crazy about it like AJ is. It doesn’t have to be sex all the time or very often when there are more finer points to explore in building a strong relationship.
When we first began getting acquainted at SJCC, he impulsively ran his mouth telling me in graphic detail of every sexual experience they had, including anal. It made me feel uncomfortable on the spot when I wasn’t sexually active. Still, it wouldn’t have been appropriate to share such material in the first place. For me to share such material with him personally, he rubbed off on me with his constant sharing of it…like what he and Ex #4 got up to on Halloween night instead of going trick-or-treating. A common sense of decency’s and a disregard for boundaries are obviously lacking when he and EX #5 impulsively went about with their sexual antics in the backseat of my car when they were FWBs (Friends with Benefits), which is how their relationship started out before becoming romantic between them. AJ just let her give him a blowjob when I ended up giving them a ride back to his place (which I was reluctant to at first but got egged on by AJ). That made me uncomfortable to witness, so I had to put a stop to it by rolling down all the car windows for the chilly air to hit them. One time, when I was acting as their chauffeur and driving them to the Vallco Mall, AJ knelt down in front of EX #5 to do cunnilingus on her after finding out that her monthly had ended. It was nerve-wracking to hear her loud sensual moans about halfway throughout the car ride.

I don’t know his account password or his security information, so there’s no way that I could’ve hacked onto his Facebook. He just makes things up without proof. Also, that other person’s account has long been deleted when it can’t be found on Facebook anymore. The Soobin Cho he mentioned is not even a problem anymore when it’s all in the past already. I only briefly messaged her to tell her off about spreading false rumors and exaggerating about her ex to some others. Since she didn’t respond, there’s no point approaching her further anyway…but at least she got the message. The information gathered on her original account, which she long abandoned, is only kept to self and shared with her ex and serves no other purpose. Also… AJ did hack into an online dating account of Ex#6 to delete it when he believed she should’ve gotten rid of it since she’s together with him.

AJ used to hang in the gamer group briefly when he was a new student at SJCC. He’s reticent and didn’t talk or open up much to others and appeared shy. Video games aren’t strictly limited to kids. First off, he doesn’t know everybody in the group, so his words are inaccurate. He just assumes that certain people are special needs because of one aspect or another (which he stereotyped).

The real “disdain for adult authority” lies with his personal affairs in dealing with his maternal grandmother. To this day, she still doesn’t know that he’s kept the DVD player (with access to YouTube and the ability to play video games) that he had delivered to me to give to him. When his grandma found out that he’d used her money to purchase it online, she demanded that I give it to her or his dad (his foster father) or else she’d call my mom about this. (Fact: His grandma is a former real estate agent and can look up anyone’s contact information.) Some time later, Andre managed to sneakily take it out from under her nose and hid it from her in his bedroom. When she kept asking about it at different times, he lied to her that he doesn’t know in order to make her forget it. It’s an exaggeration to label me as having a “disdain for adult authority” when it’s natural for disagreements to happen between parents and their children. Even if I don’t agree with my parents/guardians, I can at least consider their words and try to understand their perspective by taking a walk in their shoes.

I tend to not freely buy things regularly for all my friends. It’s just AJ who consistently came to me whenever he wanted something because he knew he couldn’t get his grandma (“Mom”) or his foster dad to buy it for him.

My dad wasn’t just mad at me. He’s also mad at AJ for pressing me on to buy him and said that he’s just using me, which he’s right about based on his actions. That’s not being a true friend right there. AJ was the one begging me for one thing after the next. I know I made the mistake of caving in to him in the first place and should’ve just put a stop to it before he asked me for any more. It’s gotten out of hand when he didn’t keep track of his money to slowly pay me back $20 at a time like he said he would. Just like how it was with his ex(es), he doesn’t take “no” for an answer and is persistent in getting what he wants no matter what. Since it became apparent that he’s not willing to pay me back, I decided to let it go when there’s no use pursuing it further. I can see that he’s not a man of his word.

To be clear… I reminded him at different times what he owed and expected him to keep his word and remember it. The only things I bought for him that are intended as gifts are the products he requested for his birthdays and Christmas. Gifts are only meant for special occasions or when intended by the buyer as such, not given out freely on a regular basis. Instead of going to me every time he wants something, he should’ve figured out how to get it himself and saved up his own money for it. That could’ve prevented the problem of accumulated debt over time.

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Answer #6

May 11, 2018:

On early Friday afternoon, I checked my phone and found that I’d received a text from a number I didn’t recognize: +1 (214) 935-4499. When I opened it, I saw a few purple panty-clad butt shots followed by the message, “I am super wet rn babe, lick my p****?” It turns out that it’s a number available for usage on a free text messaging service (possibly TextFree or TextNow). I figure that it’s Andre (AJ) since he had texted me that horrible white panty-clad butt shot in late September 2017 with a different mobile number: (530) 292-7284. He does the same thing again by pretending to be a woman like he’s attempting to turn me lesbian. 😆 The idiot making an ass of himself again…

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Answer #7

Andre Canepa

Man slutbag for the taking! Hit him up guys and gals!

15508 Robert Ct
Grass Valley, CA 95949
[email protected]
[email protected]

Home: (530) 446-3283
Cell: (530) 788-8386

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