ANGELA M Parsons Brick Nj




This nasty ass BULLDOG looking WHORE is MARRIED to GEORGE PARSONS from BRICK NJ the PIG will do anything for FREE the SCUM BAG WHORE has 3 daughters and the WHORE FUKED there men well ANGELA PARSONS hope you enjoyed tasting my PUSSY when you were SUCKING my HUSBAND JOE PATTERSONS DICK you both can go to HELL

Hiding out in: New Jersey Asked By: [1 Grey Star Level]
Answer #1

Darren Ambler stop hiding out on Westbury Road or wherever you live you sleeze ball. How dare you force your gross body sexually on women- you are a total Reject. An ugly reject at that. You are a Lying- Sexual addict- Perverted sociopath with a one track deranged brain. Everyone knows all about you dear. Like we have Mega-Proof you posted this article here. Grow up stop the fantasy and lies and face what you have done. It is true. The Cops have a file on you baby. You can not act like a barbaric sexually out of control animal and think you will get away with it. I know one thing they are reserving a special place for you in He**. Hope you like hot places and a lot of fire baby: You are truly EVIL!

Answers Answered By: cherry-blossom2836 [2 Grey Star Level]
Answer #2

I feel compelled to speak out and let the truth be known. Without any doubt the “Psycho”- Sexual Beast/Addict Darren Ambler posted this about Angela Parsons. Read the filthy -disgusting language. Which is no surprise because a filthy disgusting piece of garbage wrote this filth. Darren is so mentally impaired that he doesn’t even attempt to conceal his behaviors or his gross- dirty posts on sites like this one. ONE QUESTION? If these are Darren’s feelings about Angie- then why did Darren make her one of his sexual conquests? Darren is the FOOL- no one else but him. It is hilarious- if you read the last line of the post. Darren tells Angie and her wonderful Husband to go to HELL. Where does Darren Ambler think he is going when he dies?

lets see……i would say he is going to HELL!! Hell is full of people like Darren who lived a life of sexual immorality- lust- having intercourse with married women-using continual Vulgar and sinful language-Lying all the time- Slandering others hurting anyone who stands in his UGLY way. YES- Darren Ambler is truly EVIL with no Morals- No Conscience and his two bad addictions Sex and Drugs have consumed his life. YES a place has been reserved in HELL for this four eyed corrupt evil creature. So Burn baby burn! There is no Sex or Pornography in Hell Darren dear so you better get as much as you can while your still here. Don’t think the Lord would be too happy with you for taking advantage of senior citizens for sexual fulfillment- You deserve to burn and you will honey bunch….

Answers Answered By: spartacus088 [2 Grey Star Level]

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