Christopher Rossman




A dirty old perv he is on Tinder at almost 60 yrs old he lies cheats and steals hes a criminal hes transient he is bald short and mentally ill hes on meds zoloft seroquel etc and has been institutionalized twice for mental breakdowns He gets woman drunk drives them home fucks them no protection ,many one night stands he likes immigrants who cant speak english and young girls he takes pictures of them alters them then blackmails them and bullies and slanders them Hes a narcissit a liar a psycopath transient he is looking for a woman to live with with a home then he has a side life thats underground hes a barfly hes filthy stays in cheap motels he has bad tattoos he smells smokes heavy he wears baggy sweaty clothes drives cheap cars no education is a carny pitchman at Kmart a sociopath who never shuts up hes a loser and stalker he is in NJ AND NY in bars run from this ugly old mess who takes selfies


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Cant stop him Christopher Rossman aka Chris Rossman aka Moon aka Gela aka Rossdog from posting negative comments slander lies etcre woman Karen etc since he freeloads on floors and couches downstate he owns no home he never has lives over barns in rooms in trailers on chairs couches with woman while fucking other woman ughh etc etc at almost 60 yrs old he needs to go away and leave woman ALONE they all have texts to refute his lies no one wants him hes a sex addict and he needs to stop posting slander when there are texts that woman have and video to refute his lies hes a sick man stay away from this creep he also gets other men and woman to bully you yes there are texts and messages on machines phones videos at motels homes and storage facilities in Upstate Ny to prove it hes a stalker and a ill man and a bully whos incapable of being honest has NO respect for safe sex or woman he calls broads or trim get tested and block him and hide from this crazy person a restraining order wont help he gets others to bully you just hide from this creep and better yet run when you see him in a bar or online dating sites Tinder etc and block him

Hes a bully with a terrible temper Christopher Rossman just GO AWAY and stop posting lies about woman you sleep with stop taking UNAUTHORIZED pictures and posting them like a creepy old man and recall woman have sms pictures and texts YOU sent locked in their phone to refute your lies go away and enjoy the Sr life your blocked by everyone no one cares about your NYC life go away and stop threatening woman and blackmailing them enjoy life Chris Rossman less lies your life will be easier

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Pitchman at Kmart lived with a now 60 yr old hag who he cheated on the entire time he has never owned a home calls woman broads and trim fucks 28 yr old pussy he says hes a pig he entertained joining NXIUM scammed people working for ambit who received emails for a lawsuit you cant find him as he surfs on couches loser and has eaten off a homeless person truck in Nyc behind kmart hes a big complainer about child support and hes a ugly old troll mean and delusional and crazy as hell hes an old man bye ROSSMAN leave us all alone you old loser ladies block him save all his crazy texts and video and move on so he doesnt know where you live hes a bully and has a old man posse to bully you he advises everyone oh his 60 yr old gal he lived with he tried to get rid of she wouldnt leave it was her house she had him followed called woman he takes full advantage of a free bed he said he paid the mortgage not the lies never stop hes a psycho and a loser as ugly as he is inside he is out every mn with kids he says lol hes a fucking liar Rossman no one wants you but immigrants who cant talk and get free food and drink from you you fuck your a pig go away old man to hell you old sr citizen bald short smelly and hairy

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Christopher Rossman has harassed karen yetto for 2 years harassed her family posted altered pictures threatened her etc kept her storage keys is on video last year at her home storage unit hes a loser a stalker and psycho who went after innocent kids and family hes a ugly old troll run from this psycho who is a JAILBIRD a ch 7 and a loser and a ugly old man who is all about him to go after kids whata coloassal loser no wonder he was admitted 2 times to a mental ward his brother admitted him kids and family who helped this skull cap loser carny

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Be careful he will make you his facebook profile picture thats how insane he is and solicit strangers online to harass you thats how nuts he is he is insane and old and ugly and will alter your pictures harass you your kids and family hes a loser and a thief and a mentally ill old man he has never owned a home pussy first kids last hes uneducated and a scary old man with a bald old head and crooked tatoos very hairy smells seen at the Latham Inn on video last fall in NYand various homes and bars TInder Chris Yonkers Poughkeepsie

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