Christopher Rossman




Loser psycho stalker run from this terrible person hes ugly inside and out and very dangerous and very mentally ill check been verified and see his criminal record and liens


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Answer #1

Total loser belittles all woman he must not have a mirror hes a ugly ugly old man hes a 2 at ten and a 2 out of 10 hes very dangerous run from this transient carny pitchman in NY named Rossdog he will get people to stalk you and bully you do NOT swipe on Tinder to him runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn violent temper mentally ill ocd old man short and mean terrible person in bars all the time he wears skull caps baggy jeans terrible hawaiiin shirts he smells like cigs bad teeth summer teeth bo no home runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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Answer #2

This ugly little smelly man is a mean vicious person he belittles woman as hes ugly inside and out and old check been verified for his ch 7 his jail time his ch 7 etc a coloassal loser kmart dude any Man with kids who dont live with him he lies too and berates woman is a colosaal loser hes short fat and bald lmfaoand ugly inside and out ROSSDOG RUN ABULLY A STALKER and mentally ill with waxed eyebrows outside some homely hos lakehouse he picked up while fucking immigrants in NJ LOLof course she had no clue lol

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Answer #3

Nothing is ever this self serving aholes fault who complains incessantly about exs looks LOL child support time with kids none etc hes nuts hes a sex addict hes selfish hes so self absorbed his needs as a hedonist are first not kids hes self serving hes unsafe he will compromise your health and not care hes is stupid and forgets woman have him on video at their homes he never has owned one,,check Been verified for his criminal and civil history as well as TINDER Chris etc ughh on the security at storage units WOMAN have his texts his emails for a serial cheater hes sloppy theres a trail ugly bully CROSMAN NO ONE wants him everyone traded up HE CAN SLEEP with his American Spirits and mothballs and IMMIGRANTS from his NYC LIFE LOL what a coloassal loser uneducated bald heeded psycho jail bird druggie pill popper mentally ill old man short fat and ugly #loser

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Answer #4

Loser Christopher ROSSMAN all his exs traded up hes a psycho his tatted fat ex lol is on number 3 marriage he said she wasnt cute big thighs lol NO ONE wants Rossman NXIUM sex addict short fuck loser pitchman transient you cant arrest him for slander or blackmail he sleeps on chairs floors trailers barns loser look at mylife his uneducated carny lawsuits liens bankrupcies and DRUG arrests hes needs to be sent back to THE INPT PSYCH unit AGAIN FOR SHOCK THERAPY his Seroquel and Zoloft arent working ad lil dick and hairy old man like the commercial for rotted cig teeth thats him rotten old teeth ughhhh smelly old hairy short fuck CHRISOPHER ROSSMAN OLD DIRTYAN SHORT UGLY LOSER

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