Darren Ambler…….aka….Darren Scott Ambler




I was stalked first on a dating web-site then in person by a crazed mentally deranged sex addict named Darren Ambler. This four eyed “Homely” Obsessive creep stalked me on line and then pursued me with a vengence. I did not know at the time that this guy was a total “Narcissist”- a “Compulsive Liar”- A Drug Addict -“Turned Sex Addict. Darren Ambler was seeking dirty sex – oral sex nd Pornographic acts. He was filthy person with deranged selfish thoughts. Darren was addicted to sex and controlling females. Darren Ambler is a BIG Dork with no Personality- A Grossly skelatel undernourished body- He is “Horrible” in bed and he has a micro sized wee wee. Nothing impressive about this creep at all.
Darren Ambler is a loner and Narcissist who was seeking sex only. He lied and conned me early on. He often forced sex upon me against my will. Darren is a con man, Liar, Self-centered over sexed beast with convoluted thoughts and Zero common sense. He is a real con man who thinks he fools everyone. In reality, Darren Ambler is the “FOOL”! Darren is gross in every way. Skinny body- round shouldered, thick glasses, high pitch voice, no sex appeal – no personality and he lives in his own Fantasy world. Darren needs massive cosmetic surgery just to look presentable. —————————————————————————————————————————————-
Darren attempted to control me and other females through some very bad SEX. He is controlling, has no self-esteem- No MORALS, MANNERS, ETHICS, ZERO CLASS and he has a one track DEMENTED BRAIN: I learned Darren Ambler was a drug addict turned Sex addict. Believe me- Darren looks better fully clothed. I also lerned his former wife left- NO WONDER who could stand a deranged creep with no social skills and a cheapskate. Everything was about Darren and his sick needs
Darren cheated on me with One Night Stands and HOOKERS. Darren Ambler was so desperate he screwed an 68 year old senior citizen. How sick and vulgar is that? Sleeping with an old women probably his mothers age. What a sick Vial low life scum bag. An UGLY one at that. He would screw anyone out of necessity.
Darren Ambler resides at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill- NJ . The creep used to live in Willingboro. Anyone who has been with this UGLY jerk better take a Lysol bath.
I contracted std’s from Darren Ambler due to his infidelity and Pathological lying: I have been ill for months. My Physician’s have given me various antibiotics and sulfa drugs to no avail. I guess once a low life always a low life/. BEWARE stay clear of this sex crazed predator pervert.———————————————————————Darren Ambler works as a Pharmacist for MEDCO Inc in New Jersey. If he solicits you call POLICE: He is a no good creep. Possibly Bi-Polar:

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