Darren Ambler- Cherry Hill- New Jersey/ Sociopath-Prostitute-Sex & Drug Addict: (view Video):





Talk about ’Coincidence’! This url could have been designed for Darren Ambler. It talks about Sociopaths and all their traits. Fits Darren Ambler exactly. It is an excellent piece not only for Darren but for all Sociopath- Narcissists out there.

Most Narcissist Sociopaths are identical in their behaviors. They all seem to have a pre-occupation with Sexual Immorality, Prostitution, illicit secret affairs, Pornography- Drug abuse- Pathological Lying. No care or concern for anyone else. They are selfish Bastards that do not even care about their own families. They live life to con people and everything they do is for THEMSELVES! Sooner or later the Sociopath is EXPOSED!!!! They hate Exposure and sometimes do not deal with it well.

Darren Ambler is an Incompetent and incapable parent who does not deserve to have Children. The children are in danger being around a Father that is a Sociopath- Male Prostitute- Drug addict- Liar- Obsessed with Pornography and Darren is also a STD Carrier (Chlamydia).

To date- At least 10 (ten) former sex partners have been infected. One female never recovered and continues to become more ill. She has tried numerous anti-biotics and even sulfa drugs to no avail. Spreading STD’s is a Criminal Offense. PROSTITUTION – No matter Darren Ambler how rationalizes his actions it is Illegal-PERIOD!

If you watch the Video you will notice how many times the word “RATIONALIZE” is used. Because all Sociopaths Rationalize their bad behaviors. No chance Sociopaths will ever be normal. Sometimes a Sociopath is compared to the DEVIL or Lucifer due to their EVIL and Non-Caring ways and behaviors. One religious organization published an segment about Darren Ambler in the “SATAN” POST”. They Compare Darren Ambler to the DEVIL.

It discusses a Sociopath’s need for control. Their need for complete ownership of a person. Just like when Darren Ambler tries to totally control his former Lovers and Drug addicts. They engage in risky sexual behaviors and they feel they do not have to explain their actions to any one. Never feel remorse or sorrow. Darren Ambler is a sick- evil- Corrupt – Heartless and very “UGLY” Predator- Slime Ball. He is ugly facially as well as Internally. Noting decent or respectable about Darren Ambler. He is “Clueless” about life and everything in general. Darren is mad at the world because he is not “Good Looking”- “Has no personality”- a Scrawny gross body”- “Underdeveloped male Ding-Dong”- He is unappealing and his breath smells like the City Dump! It I almost like Darren takes his sick sexual frustrations out on Prostitutes and vulnerable females with no self worth. Darren has no self- worth either which is understandable. This Predator has made a fool of himself many times over. The world knows what Darren Ambler is all about. This Freak has beaten women and even impregnated a former lover who underwent an abortion. Now the ugly freak has another sin on his filthy soul- the sin of ABORTION or MURDER!

The Narcissist-Sociopath cares about “Themselves” only. They actually enjoy hurting and inflicting pain upon others. They will gaslight- slander and brutally back-stab anyone who confronts them or threatens to expose them and their behaviors to friends- family and whomever. They can not be helped and average ever day people need to keep their distance and do not become involved with these sick predators. They almost always have sick outrageous hang ups and obsessions like Sex- Drugs- Pornography- and other bazaar and outrageous things.

Please view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZOOA9heAf0

You must be fully aware at all times what the Narcissist Sociopath i capable of and take appropriate measures to protect yourself . Please review URL above and it may answer a great deal of questions. You may be better informed about how to protect yourself from these very Dangerous- Psychotic Predators that live in their own Sick world of Fantasy- Illicit Sex- Immorality- a world with no rules or boundaries. Most frightening is a Sociopaths complete lack of Remorse- or bad feelings especially after they do Horrible things to people. Sociopaths are 100% for Themselves. The majority of Sociopaths engage in Risky and indecent Sexual behaviors, they abuse both Illegal and Prescription drugs and most abuse alcohol.

**Darren Ambler will screw anything that moves. Therefore- you must protect yourself- your loved ones- Grandmothers- teenage daughters etc. Darren Ambler does not have an honest bone in his infected ridden poor excuse for a body. Never forget- The rotted breath and the toxins that are released every time the Psycho exhales. Darren Ambler’s internal organs are slowing rotting away. Possibly due to punishment from God and his Sexual Infections settling into his internal organs. The noxious fumes that he exhales can prove fatal to healthy humans. “BEWARE”!!

Remember Mr. Ambler is jealous and frustrated because of his lack of capabilities in the bedroom. Darren is also deficient in the male “Ding-Dong” department. Which causes even more rage and jealousy inside of a madman.

*Sociopaths can put on a wonderful and convincing act for a while. However- eventually they can longer play the game of fooling- deceiving and conning people. Once outsiders find out about the Sociopath watch out baby! The Sociopath will seek revenge especially if a person or person’s exposes them and their sick way of life. Law enforcement are very Familiar with Sociopaths and their methods.

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