Darren Ambler-Cherry Hill, New Jersey (USA): Sociopath-Cheater- STD Carrier/Sex-Drugs-Unfit Parent:




DARREN AMBLER aka…”Busted Balloon”, “Quarter of an Inch Ambler”. Demented Darren”. Spaced Out”- “Porno King”- “STD Daddy”…..is a Huge THREAT- A Serious Toxic Danger and he enjoys abusing women and bringing them great great Physical and Mental pain: Darren Ambler is an “out of control” Sex addict with a severe Drug Abuse problem that is Obsessed with Pornography- Degrading Sexual acts-Oral Sex- Fondling children-Using his foul mouthed language” and Fantasizing about his next Sexual Encounter.
***********************************************************************************************Darren Ambler continues to get worse and his Brian is totally friend and gone from Drug abuse and booze. Darren is a Drug addict who enjoys “Weed”- Heroin”- Cocaine”-Acid”-and a Variety of Pills which he obtains by stealing or by other means. Darren Ambler is a Pharmacist that has access to some drugs. He is working in the worst profession for a Drug addicted Sex Pervert with an eternal hard on and evil perverse thoughts. Darren’s level of maturity is quite low also. He thinks of HIMSELF 24/7/.
Darren has screwed numerous females including Prostitutes- Lonely women- Divorced women- married women and anyone stupid enough to jump into his diseased and infected bed. Darren Ambler has used services of Mistress Whores as well as men (when his bi sexual urges surface). Darren is obsessed with the male (Large) Penis because he has only a tiny fragment of a dingie. Darren has Herpes- Chlamydia and possibly Crabs. Darren is incompetent in every way and he is an Unfit Parent that must have his children removed from his care asap: Lord knows what Darren has done or will do to these kids. When a sex and Porno addict has those sick urges he may do anything. Darren Ambler loves Fondling and watching Porn hub on a regular basis.
Darren Ambler does not deserve children. Prostitutes who are sex and drug addicts and watch Porno are bad and very unsuitable parents. Darren has brain damage and he can teach a child nothing or positive. Darren has been EXPOSED Big time and now the world knows all about him. Darren has a homely face- a terrible body – no personality and of course smelly toxic flammable breath. He blames everyone else for his bad behavior and immoral sexual actions. Darren Ambler is terrible in bed and has a micro mini ding dong. He needs transplant surgery and face reconstruction.
Darren Ambler is a con man who has abused- beaten – Raped- Degraded and humiliated many women and former lovers. Darren loves dirty rough SEX. He is high all the time and has forced drugs on his sex partners. Darren impregnated at least one lover maybe more. This poor girl elected to abort to fetus. Therefore-Darren Ambler has another filthy sin on his corrupt ugly rotted soul. Darren has ZERO – CLASS- MANNERS -LOOKS- MORALITY- ETHICS AND HIS RANCID BREATH STINKS. HIS INTERNAL ORGANS ARE ROTTING AWAY DAY BY DAY DUE TO HATE- EVIL- SEXUAL INFECTIONS THAT HAVE RAVAGED HIS GROSS BODY AND IMMUNE SYSTEM.
Darren Ambler is a male Prostitute who has serviced many clients for money. He is non repentant for his actions and he gets uglier day by day. He has given 11 women Chlamydia. These ladies vowel to get Justice for the pain Ugly Ambler has caused them. Darren is an EVIL Menace with o concern for anyone but himself. He is a dork that is desperate for anyone to screw.
Darren has a long list of Sex partners and brief affairs. Hookers are most enjoyable to Darren Ambler. Darren has made many enemies and burned many bridges. Angie Parsons detests UGLY Darren Ambler. Darren had the HOTS for George Parsons. Alina-Natalie- Megan Bentzley and Mindy Murray all said Darren is a ZERO in the bedroom. His face also makes them ill to their tummy. Darren is a filthy useless LOSER that would be better off DEAD.
Darren is dangerous- he lives at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill- NJ: POLICE are aware of Darren Scott Ambler. Darren has broken many laws as well as GODS Law. Prostitution is a criminal act- Transmission of STD’s is Criminal also. Drug abuse- misuse and purchase of drugs is ILLEGAL. Darren has much in store for him in coming months. Soon the Garbage will be thrown out for good: Lets hope in the mean time no more Abortions- Rapes- Beatings-Fondling takes place.

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