Darren Ambler/ Fraud/ Prostitute/ Sex and Drug Addict/Herpes Positive/Cherry Hill- NJ:




Michael Montgomery is quite a popular figure on line. YES- what he is doing is despicable. But keep in mind that sick demented SEX and DRUG abuser Darren Ambler has had intercourse with women in their 70’s. Darren Ambler is 41 years old. That is SICK!

Darren Scott Ambler is 41 years of age and lives at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill NJ: He is the Lowest form of SCUM that exists. Darren feels he can do whatever he wants and no Consequences should result. He lives in a total FANTASY WORLD. Darren Ambler is about to be SHOCKED back into REALITY real fast.

I was foolish becoming involved with such a Degenerate with a sick and Perverted mind -YES his name is Darren Ambler of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Darren forced himself on me, he was even violent and threatening at times. Darren Ambler is a Sick and Evil Predator that thinks his behavior is acceptable and normal. Nothing about Darren Ambler is acceptable or normal.

I have read for months about his treatment of women and his multiple sex partners and his Gross Diseases. I know he fathered a few children out fo wedlock within the past 4 years. Also- I read where he was responsible for at least one possibly more abortions. Darren is a sick immoral PIG and YES an UGLY one at that. If he had any self- worth he would not have the need to screw everything that walks.

I was encouraged to come forward. I think my daughter Katelyn is Darren Ambler’s child. I am in the process of submitting DNA to the testing center so we can verify for sure that Darren Ambler is the father. Darren Ambler is sick- immoral and totally out of control. Maybe he will start to be more responsible. When i think back- it Grosses me out. I must have been on drugs to ever sleep with that GROSS and HOMELY Darren Ambler.

Lord knows how many illegitimate children Darren Ambler may have fathered when he was going through his “Sexual Addiction Flings” or Binges. The Laws are very direct and clear about child support. If the DNA matches than the father must pay up. I have learned Darren Ambler is very capable of paying support.

I know Darren has children. Just based on his LIFESTYLE AND MENTAL FRAME OF MIND- he is an unfit and incompetent father PERIOD! His kids would be better off in foster care as opposed to being in Darren’s company. Maybe the Court will agree.

Katelyn will hopefully have an easier life when we conclude that Darren Ambler is her Biological Father. A very mentally ill Biological father i might add. My Lawyer encouraged me to get tested fr STD’s. Which scares me but it must be done.

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