Darren Ambler/ STD Carrier/ Playboy: Sociopathic tendencies/ Southern New Jersey:




Darren Ambler is a sick- Lying Sexual Predator that uses women for sex- oral sex and filthy pornographic acts…Darren is a Sociopath and a compulsive liar: Has severe mental illness and addiction problems…..It is believed Darren Ambler has turned from previous Drug addict to a Sex addict:
Darren Ambler is an Internet abuser/ stalker…Has stalked numerous Sex web sites and dating sites in search of sexual prey…he is desperate and will sleep with anyone…He has screwed Prostitutes- and a variety of Low class females who are stupid enough to get into bed with this Homely- Disgusting Creep!
Darren Ambler (due to frequent and careless sex practices) Now is spreading STD’s,……………..The Sex addict Jerk gave me Chylimidia……..I am sure he would deny he gave anyone a STD- but Health officials have been trying to track him for 4 months..he must get tested IMMEDIATELY:
Spreading STD can be a Criminal Offense: Darren Ambler better wake up- grow up- act like a man and face the Consequences of his Immoral- inappropriate actions NOW:
Darren Ambler even had an intensive sexual and oral sex affair with a 68 year olf Grandmother- Darren is 39- How sick and demented is that?? Sleeping with someone whom cluld be your Mother- Maybe this sick creep wishes it was….
The family of the 68 year old women wants Justice….In addition to the STD this dirt ball gave me…I am also suffering frequent yeast infections because of him and his “HOT PANTS”…. the docs don’t know why the yeast infections keep reoccuring?
Darren Ambler needs to stop living in DENIAL and Running AWAY..HEALTH Officials will catch up with him sooner or later…………..NO ESCAPE:/ Time to pay for his SINS and IMMORALITY:

If you come in contact with this Sex Crazed Homely Weirdo Please contact authorities IMMEDIATELY: here are some stats that may help you identify this sick deranged PREDATOR:=================================

1). Age 39/ DOB 4-30-78
2). Height- 5ft 8 in:
3). Skinny build/ non-muscular:
4). Blondish / stringy hair (no style):
5). Deep set / dark blue eyes/
6). Thick Black Framed Glasses:
7). High Pitched almost female like voice: (shakey):
8). Perverted- Over- sexed:
9). Compulsive Liar/ con-artist:
10) master- manipulator:
11). Divorced- two minor children:
12). Generally a Loner:
13). Low self-esteem:
14). Homely- Creepy looking:
15). Recovering Drug addict/ turned Sex addict:
16). Plainly Dressed:
17). Drives an 2017 Honda SUV Vehicle:
18). Uses literally everyone he comes in contact with:
19.). No Personality”
20) Very Thrifty/ Cheap:

**Also- Resides in Delran New Jersey (Southern NJ)….

**Works as a Pharmacist- for Express Scripts/ Express RX: Florence New Jersey:
**Mentally ill: Takes no responsibility for his actions:
**Split personality Disorder/ Possibly Bi-Polar:
*Was registered on several dating sites and XX rated sex sites:
* Has had STD’s at least 12-14 months maybe longer.
* Lives a secret and Double Life:
*Anti social Behavior Patterns:
* Lives with parents:

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Hiding out in: New Jersey Asked By: [1 Grey Star Level]
Answer #1

After reading this post I must agree with much of what the poster emphasizes. I met Darrin Ambler lets say as sort as a Professional situation involving sex and some companionship.

Darren sought me and my services out through the INternet back in 2016. I could tell he never was with a paid sexual professional before. I actually felt sorry for him. He was so lonely- sad- unsure of himself and going through a Divorce.

I remember once he finally removed his pants he actually covered his tiny penis out of embarrassment. His face turned beet red out of fear and emabrrassment ..Darren assured me he wished to continue. I must say Darrin Ambler was not experinced but was demanding about what pleasures he was seeking. He told me he alway shad a hard time getting girls. I guess that was one reason why he employed my professional sex services.

I am no longer in the business ..But must say it haunts me and i do feel my past reputation is forever cemented. Darren must accept that he made choices and he did hurt himself- his reputation and possibly others. That may never change. That is why we must be so careful what we do- whom we associate with and try to live a clean life. All it takes is one slip up and you can ruin your future and damage your life beyond repair.

All in all- it ws a bad night. Darren did not perform well at all. it was almost a sad joke. Darren was very explicit about the sex services he was seeking..Some of the stuff was sick and degrading for both of us. I do feel Darren i sick mentally and lives in a continous state of denial.

Shortly before i gave up the business in early 2017- i was questioned about my activities and some past clients by law enforcement. I tried to keep names secret but it was not always possible. I hope Darren finds what he is seeking before its too late.

I understand why his wife left the marriage. Darren is not attractive by any standard and he does tend to drain a person emotionally. He acts like a child at times who needs constant attention for a female. he has problems no one could deny that.

Maybe vulnerable women out there should beware of Darren Ambler. No one deserves to be used- hurt – humiliated- scorned. Darren will do those things to a weak vulnerable women. He has no conscience- little class and just about NO breeding or Self-respect.

Answers Answered By: Enchantra_16 [2 Grey Star Level]

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