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Gaslighting, stonewalling, duplicitous ghost a 48 year old man using a 12 year old picture of himself after a motorcycle accident to troll tinder, and cheat on his girlfriend (me) of the past six years, whom he has known intimately since 2002.

Sometime in 2017, Eric loaned a Tinder hook up, named Dawn, a dumb phone containing my contact information. Dawn “accidentally” dialed *67 and manually called me from Eric’s phone half a dozen times. I have my phone set to automatically reject anonymous calls so I never answered.

Mid-March 2018, I assume after she scraped up enough cash to pay her phone bill, she called me from her own phone, on a Monday night/Tuesday morning at 12:30 AM and informed me she had been “seeing” my boyfriend for years. I curtly told her to leave me alone & hung up.

She immediately texted & accused me of cyberstalking her as Eric told her I was hacker. She said she was just trying to “reach out.” If would “just calm down” and talk to her “we would be cool.” Seriously? She was the one cyberstalking me for months!

And, I’m sorry, but wtf? Did she really think this was going to “be cool” with me? Was I supposed to invite her over to drink cheap Moscato wine from a Capri Sun box? This is my life, not some Lifetime RomCom. Sad & desperate as it may very well be… And it clearly is, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this. I’ll never “be cool” with her.

I told her I would call the police if she ever contacted me again. She then claimed she never contacted me (smh) and I told me to stop stalking her. She concluded by saying she wished only me happiness and she “has been out since Emily.”

(Sarcasm) I’m bursting with happiness right now! Pure bliss… (End sarcasm)

Eric originally told me Emily was a lesbian and he did not “date” her. Nor had he been “seeing” Dawn. Eric tells me a lot of things which, IMO, are not true.

As a matter of Facebook fact, he did “date” Emily. On May 2, 2016, Emily cooked Eric “piles of meat,” did his laundry, and fed him cookies during “movie night. “ Emily, the alleged lesbian, also left the comments “Yum” and “This is Yummy” on two of Eric’s personal photos. Even after these discoveries, he continued to insist Emily was a lesbian.

He even continued his instance after I discovered Emily tagged him as her masturbatory fantasy on a public Facebook meme. and steadfastly claims I created the meme with Photoshop.

If any party involved, or anyone else for that matter, has any questions, you know who I am and how to reach me. I have literally thousands of screenshots documenting who cheated and who terrorized and who lied and who was aware of their involvement with someone else’s boyfriend. Sorry it came to this but what the hell else was I supposed to do after being isolated and abandoned because of someone else’s promiscuous behavior and lies. Everybody knew what was going on but me. Someone should be explaining this mess and apologizing to me… Not the other way around.

Eric will tell you all of his ex-girlfriends cheated on him, they stalked him, got him fired, arrested, etc. Maybe or maybe not? Every thing that has or has not actually happened to Eric has had one common denominator: ERIC. Think about that before you feel sorry for him…

This most certainly is not my finest moment but I did nothing to warrant being treated this way. I never cheated on Eric. I loved him. I still love him. This very brief essay doesn’t even begin to cover the psychological trauma I continue to suffer because of Eric. He spread vicious lies to my friends, family, and neighbors. He triangulated with others to terrorize me in my own home. He physically stalked me, texting me photos while he was lying in wait outside my front door. He isolated and abandoned me time and time again. I am not doing this for revenge. This is an act of desperation. A cry for help? Please explain to me how someone could treat another person this way? Tell someone they love them, want a future with them, all the while cheating, lying and blaming their insidious behavior on the person they’re with, then abandon them without any explanation whatsoever. How? Why?

PS – Eric, I told you if you continued to deny my existence and lie about me I would tell the truth about you.


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