Kevin Berben Liar




Kevin Berben of Colonie is a colossal liar who cheats steals and gets fired from menial jobs

He is a mean drunk and a mean vindictive person in general

He pretends he is something he isnt He is aPUNK, a thief, a loser, a liar and a drunk and a mean spirited Psycho

He is dishonest about everything including his sexuality

He is a MANIPULATIVE con man
He hangs in DIVE bars in Colonie Ny with old people he has Daddy issues and lives at his Mommys houses he in his mid thirties

Hes a bad guy and a punk and drunk dont loan him money he will screw you out of that too as he gets drunk in a bar


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Kevin Berben is a scumbag and a liar alcoholic and a thief a pill popper and a drunk uneducated vindictive sexually conflicted punk PSYCHO OF COLONIE arm hole of ny

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My dog ​​is afraid of storms: Tips and remedies |
Rain, lightning, thunder, lightning … Storms can become a real nightmare for your pet. If your dog is afraid of storms, do not miss the advice and remedies we offer to help you.
Tips if your dog is afraid of storms
Understand it. The first step in helping your dog is to understand it. According to a scientific study from the University of Pennsylvania, between 15% and 30% of animals fear storms, as they perceive them as an invisible enemy that can attack you anywhere and at any time. This is why his stress increases to such an extent that his attitude becomes frantic, he begins to bark insatiably and shows a defensive posture with his ears back and his tail between his legs. This may all seem like impractical data, but believe us when we tell you that knowing what is happening to you and understanding what is happening in each moment is the first thing you need to do in order to help your furry friend.
Keep a calm attitude. The barking and behavior of your dog may have become frantic and may make you nervous, but believe us when we tell you that it is best to remain calm. Altering you will only get your dog to understand that, indeed, there is an enemy that can attack you and will increase your stress level. The best thing is that you show yourself calm and that you pretend that nothing happens.
Do not take it out of hiding. If your dog has hidden it is because he feels helpless and removing him from his hiding place will only increase his anxiety. If you really want to help him, go where he is and keep him company until he calms down. You will see that soon you receive a gesture of thanks from him.
Do not take it out of the house. That said in the previous point, it is logical to deduce that you should not take your pet to the street. Many people think that watching what happens the dog will calm down, but visualizing a landscape covered with water will achieve the opposite effect.
Try to distract him. For your dog there will be nothing but the storm until it ends, but you can always do something to try to distract him. Show him your favorite toy or show him a homemade snack so that he can gradually turn his attention away from the din outside.
Play music If you perceive that it is noise that generates anxiety for your dog, close all windows and play relaxing music. With this you will get insulated from the outside and make him see that he is in a safe environment. You will see how he becomes again in a few minutes!
Remedies if your dog is afraid of storms
The advice that we have just listed is the first thing to use to treat your dog when he is afraid of storms. However, if all of the above has not worked, you should know that there are specific remedies that can help reduce your dog’s anxiety levels. Two of the most used are:
Specific products. In the market we can find some products capable of lowering your pet’s stress levels. One of them are the anti-stress pheromones and the relaxing spray, which are supplied at the same time when your pet shows an excessively nervous behavior.
Bach flowers. Bach flowers are a remedy similar to the previous one, but more natural. It is a substance whose effect varies depending on the flowers used, and is generally used to deal with aggressive or excessively nervous dogs.
Psychological treatments. The storms may cause a real trauma to your pet, so it does not hurt to consult with a canine training specialist or a veterinarian and explain the situation. Sometimes it can be a bit expensive, but rest assured that after treatment your dog will live happily and carefree with or without storms.
Yes! Before performing any of these treatments it is essential that you consult with a veterinarian, since if you provide any of these remedies incorrectly we can seriously harm the health of our pet.

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